Safe and Strong All Life Long

Safe and Strong All Life Long

Sharpen your awareness and increase your confidence through self-defence training. Safe and Strong is a one-day program dedicated to addressing the ongoing epidemic of sexual violence and harassment in our society. This program is designed and delivered by Daniel Kempling, a sixth-degree black belt with over 30 year’s experience in self-defence training.

Participants will gain:


Learn the 5 most common myths around sexual assault. Understand what is meant by personal sovereignty and consent. Know your rights under the law.


Learn to distinguish between real, situational fear and manufactured anxiety. Develop the physical skills necessary to disable an attacker, allowing for escape to safety.


This training leads to increased confidence and self-esteem. The ongoing practice of awareness and vigilance, when rightly framed, leads to a deepened skill in the simple joy of living life through one’s senses.

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