OHS Consultation

Site Safety and Risk Assessment

Site Safety and Risk Assessment is designed to assist you in identifying blind spots in high risk or problematic operations. This assessment provides an evaluation of the quality of written programs and effectiveness of field operations. Systems evaluated may include:

    Safety Leadership

    Management of Change (MOC)

    Mechanical Integrity (fixed and mobile equipment)

    Safe Work Procedures

    Codes of Practice

    Operating Practices

    Facility Siting

    Safety Hazards

You’ll receive a final report detailing observations and making recommendations for improvements.

Health and Safety Management System Development

Reduce your Worker Compensation Board (WCB) contributions by engaging an independent, credible, third-party team of experts to build and implement a health and safety management system. It improves your ability to identify and remove hazards and reduce health and safety risks in the workplace and is essential for any organization seeking to acquire a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Partnership for Injury Reduction (PIR).

Let us develop a health and safety management system for you. We have plans that cover all sizes of organizations.

Incident Investigation

A second set of eyes is essential to shed light on a serious accident or incident and begin answering these questions:

    How and why did this happen?

    What happens now?

    How do we prevent this from occurring again?

    How could it have been prevented?

An unbiased and professional approach builds trust. The IES investigator uses a structured approach and determines root causes by following a recognized process, including:

    Information gathering

    Causal analysis

    Identification of suitable risk control measures

    Development of action plan

    Formal Report

Confined Space Evaluation and Program Implementation

We have confined space professionals in numerous industries – including civil infrastructure, oil and gas development, food and beverage manufacturing, and agriculture. We provide:

    Hazard assessment procedures

    Code of Practice development

    Program review and implementation

    Entry Permit development

    Training and curriculum development

Ground Disturbance Management and Procedure Audits

Industrial Employee Safety provides pipeline crossing management, hazard assessment, and planning processes for ground disturbance projects. Services include the acquisition of crossing agreements and permits, compliance with regulatory requirements, and procedural audits.