On-Site Safety Staffing



IES can provide your next construction or maintenance project with rescue technicians for high angle and confined space rescue standby. Our technicians are certified to a minimum of NFPA Rope Rescue Level 3 (Technician) and trained by IRIA- (International Rescue Instructor Alliance) certified instructors.

Work locations that can benefit the most from these services include:

  • Tank farms
  • Industrial Stacks
  • Below Grade Vessels
  • Silos
  • Vessels
  • Windfarms
  • Skyscrapers
  • Elevated Platforms


A contract Safety Officer from IES can provide your organization with value-added solutions on your next construction or maintenance project.

We have flexible options for full-time contract employment or part-time assistance if you don’t have the requirement for a full-time Safety Officer.

The Safety Officer can assist with:

  • Document control
  • Audit preparation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Field inspections
  • Hazard assessments
  • Incident reporting and investigations
  • WCB claims and management


IES can provide fire watch attendants for hot work projects who are tasked with preventing fires and eliminating potential fires before they begin. Our attendants are trained to understand how different types of extinguishers interact with different types of fires and their various classifications and behaviours.

Their duties include:

  • Worksite inspections
  • Development of a site-specific JHA & implementing controls
  • Set-up & dismantling of fire suppression systems
  • Pre-soak before the commencement of hot work
  • Monitoring during hot work


Working in and around confined spaces is a way of life for IES. We can provide your organization with a confined space attendant to assist with planning, risk mitigation, and emergency planning that ensures quality, efficiency, cost control, and – most importantly – safety.

A confined space attendant’s duties include:

  • Development of a site-specific JHA & implementing controls
  • Permit and document management
  • Pre-entry atmospheric testing
  • Set-up & dismantling of ventilation systems
  • Monitoring during confined space work